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Regarding My Absence

Hello Readers – I just want to let you guys know I haven’t disappeared for good I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately. I found out a few weeks ago that I have 2 large cysts (one on each ovary) and that’s been the cause of much of my discomfort. I noticed that it had been getting worse every month and finally couldn’t take it anymore so I got a second opinion. In short, my previous OBGYN had said my cysts would burst and come back during each period. I found out I have the solid type of cysts and they do not burst. My surgery is on the 23rd, so hopefully a week from that date I’ll return. My nails are in utter shambles at the moment, they’re beyond nubs at this point! lol It’s alright though.

If anyone would like to do a guest post for me, I’d be more than excited! Just go to my ‘contact’ page and fill out the form. I’ll e-mail you back in a day or so. Thanks for sticking with me guys and gals!


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  1. Sara S. #

    Oh my god. I’ll wish you a speedy recovery! Take care! 🙂

    January 15, 2013
  2. Prayers to you ! Get well 🙂

    January 15, 2013
  3. It’s great to hear you are getting it sorted and soon that pain will be gone! I had one before, I will never forget the pain. Get well soon girl! 🙂

    January 16, 2013
  4. pinkpamalamma #

    Oh you poor thing! Best wishes and hope you’re soon feeling much better!

    January 16, 2013
  5. beachgal #

    Feel better – I had a lot of that same issue when I was younger. I also had the type that did not go up and down or burst. Eventually I had minor surgery (bellybutton surgery with the scope) and that took care of everything after medicines had not. I empathize big time with you. Take care – I am going for major surgery first of Feb and will be having chemo 500 miles from home right after for a month and half – I am trying to stay super positive about that.

    January 16, 2013
    • I’m almost 30 and have been having lots of different pain for some time now. I’m having the surgery performed lyproscopic too which is suppose to have a speedy recovery. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, you always have the most thoughtful comments. :o) I wish you luck with you surgery too my goodness. Stay positive!!

      January 17, 2013
  6. fa #

    Hey Bridget, get well soon, thinking of you.x

    January 16, 2013
  7. fabfingertips #

    Hey Bridget, get well soon, hope all goes ok.xx

    January 16, 2013
  8. Hope all goes well and you feel better soon love!

    January 16, 2013
  9. So sorry to hear this, but I’m glad you finally to got to the true source of the problem! Thinking of you, hoping all goes well, and wishing you an easy and speedy recovery! ♥

    January 16, 2013
    • It’s such a relieve you have no idea! All the problems I THOUGHT I had were all due to 2 tennis ball sized cysts, who knew!? Thank so much, hope you are doing well! xo

      January 17, 2013
  10. somecrazedlady #

    Get well soon

    January 17, 2013
  11. You’re in my prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery doll!

    January 17, 2013
  12. heather #

    Been there babe!! feel better soon!!

    January 21, 2013

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